Aerobatics Training

The Aerobatics Company is a British Aerobatics Association Preferred Training Organisation and provides:


  • Post-PPL Stall and Spin awareness courses
  • Basic to Unlimited aerobatics training
  • EASA Aerobatics Rating courses
  • Competition coaching at all levels


Dual training in the Extra 330LX costs £330 per hour chock to chock, plus £30 instructor fee per flight, to include comprehensive pre-and post-flight briefings.


Students will normally hold a current flying licence and are required to be members of Herefordshire Aero Club. Temporary membership can be arranged from £6-50 per day for non-members undertaking dual training.


Nick Wakefield can also provide coaching and critiquing at an airfield or site of your choice. Day rates from £175 plus expenses.


To discuss any of the above please contact Nick.


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