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Are there any medical, physical or other restrictions?

Compared with conventional flying, aerobatics can impose significant 'g' loads which are physically demanding on the body. Most individuals have no problem with this, however we do require you to sign a medical declaration form prior to your flight to confirm you understand this and are fit and well. Note that certain individuals may be required to obtain a doctor's certifcate so please ensure you arrange this in plenty of time before your flight.


For safety reasons you must be able to get in to and out of the aircraft without assistance. This involves stepping onto the wing, over the cockpit side, standing on the seat then lowering yourself down, and vice versa. If you have any doubts please call to discuss, or you are welcome to come to the airfield by prior arrangement to try it out.


The minimum age is 12 years and there is no upper age limit.


Minimum height is 5' and maximum 6' 4". However, these limits are a little flexible depending on your build.


Maximum weight, clothed, is 105Kg.


What should I wear?

We recommend you wear long trousers and comfortable flat-soled shoes. Bring layers if the weather is cold. Non-synthetic fabrics are best.

You will be asked to empty your pockets of all items and to remove loose jewellery to prevent the chance of anything falling into the aircraft. In the event that you do drop something in the aircraft, you must tell your instructor immediately as loose articles could restrict the controls during this or a subsequent flight.


Can I bring friends and family?

Yes - There is a café on site and a fenced spectator area. From here they will be able to watch the take-off and landing and the other activities going on at the airfield, but will not be able to see the aerobatics which must be carried out further away.

Please ensure young children are supervised at all times.


Is it safe?

All "adventure" activities carry an element of risk. With flying this is managed by regulation, experience and common sense. We are authorised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to conduct aerobatics training and our instructors are very experienced in this rôle. You should take note of our guidance and must follow the instructions given by your pilot. You will be given a full safety briefing prior to your flight.


Should I have breakfast/lunch before aerobatics?

We advise you eat a normal light meal up to an hour before your flight and to keep hydrated. It is not a good idea to fly on an empty stomach. Do not drink alcohol on the day of your flight and go easy the day before.


Can I take a camera or Gopro?

Not on board in normal circumstances. Loose items in the aircraft pose a hazard and holding a camera will restrict your enjoyment of the flight. There will be opportunities for photographs beside the aircraft before and after your flight.

*** We are trialling a fixed GoPro camera in the front cockpit. The footage can be reviewed after your flight and you can then decide if you would like to purchase the SD card. The cost is £25. Please note that audio from the intercomm is not available and we cannot guarantee that footage will be available from every flight.


Will I feel ill?

Almost certainly not! Our first priority is your safety, our second is your enjoyment of the flight. The aerobatics will probably be much gentler than you might expect and we will only do as much or as little as you want. But in the unlikely event you don't feel great or don't like it, you must tell your instructor straightaway.


What types of manoeuvres will we fly?

The standard 25 minute flight will allow you to experience all the basics eg. loops, rolls, spins and some combinations of figures. For more advanced gyrations and sequence demonstrations you may want to add on additional airborne minutes. You can discuss this with your instructor at the time. This allows you some flexibility to tailor your flight depending on what you like and how you are getting on.


Can I fly the aircraft?

Yes! This counts as an instructional flight and the aircraft has dual controls. Your instructor will demonstrate how the controls work and then, if you wish, you will be able fly the aircraft under his guidance.


What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is unsuitable for your flight we will reschedule for later in the season. We recommend you phone in the morning before you leave to check the conditions. If you have far to travel, by late afternoon the day before we will have a reasonable idea of whether it is likely to be suitable.


How long does it take?

Whilst we endeavour to operate to your booked time, inevitably weather or other circumstances can delay your flight, so please allow plenty of time. Aim to arrive at least 1/2 hour before to find out where everything is and be ready for your briefing. If you are running late please let us know and we'll try our best to reschedule so you can fly later in the day, although this might not always be possible.

We normally allow 90 minutes for each booking. A 25 minute flight is based on "chocks off" to "chocks on" and assumes 15 minutes airborne time. Often, actual airborne time will be longer than this depending on how busy the airfield is. You will not be charged if the actual flight is longer than booked, unless you have specifically agreed with your instructor to buy an extra "block" of airborne time.


Where do you fly from?

Our base is at Shobdon and we operate from the Herefordshire Aero Club building:

Shobdon Airfield


Occasionally, we operate from other airfields when there is sufficient demand.



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